The Whive Protocol has been listed on the SWFT Blockchain Exchange, here’s a simple guide to get you started on moving Whive tokens to the SWFT wallet from Whive core wallet, trading the tokens on the exchange platform.

This article is not a solicitation to buy or invest in the Whive token but it is for example useful to miners who would like to cash out their rewards.

Step 1: Registration

First, go to the SWFT website and create an account: Register

After entering your email and password, a verification code is sent to your email.

Once you do that and click register you’re then redirected to the Login page. Enter your login details and you’re now all set for the next step. Congratulations .

Step 2: Setting up your Whive wallet

Once you are logged in, you’re directed to your wallet:


Let’s now search for WHIVE and get our address where we shall transfer some tokens and we can finally start trading. When you click on WHIVE after search you should see:

From here click on deposit to get  your Whive address:

Step 3: Transferring tokens to your wallet

Copy the Whive Deposit Address and let’s go to our whive core desktop wallet to transfer some tokens:

On whive Core GUI wallet, go to send and input your SWFT wallet address and enter the amount desired and click send then confirm by clicking yes to complete transaction:



If you’re using the command line Whive-cli use the following command ( ./whive-cli sendtoaddress “Whive Deposit Address” amount “” “” true) :

Give it like 15-30 mins before it reflects your new balance on SWFT wallet:

 Now you’re all set to start trading, you can pat yourself on your back for getting this far.

Step 4: Trading your Whive tokens

On your wallet go to Trade then search for Whive under USDT trading pair:

Under Trade, on the right you will see the amount of Whives available. Go ahead and enter the amount of whive you want to sell and also set you preferred price in USDT, Example:

Confirm to place  your sell order, Congratulations for reaching here.





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