Cointest is a Blockchain Evaluation Tool. It helps Crypto-currency Users and Enthusiasts analyse the technical fundamentals of public Blockchain projects through quantitative analysis of productivity data.

Our tools help to rank Crypto-currency projects by productivity, rated daily by looking at the following parameters of core code contributions in an open-source project to determine technical dominance. They include:

Number of Contributors:

This includes the number of contributors who have contributed to the code in the project.

Number of Issues:

We look at the number of issues that are identified and worked on which is a good measurement of how bugs and code problems are being resolved.

Number of Commits:

We look at the number of commits being made to the code which a good measurement of how the core code is being updated.

Number of Releases:

We look at how many working executables are released which is a good measurement of the project having working solutions.

Number of Forks:

We look at the number copies of the core repository as a signal of the usefulness of the code for other projects and implementations.

As a result we should realize the following benefits from improving our AI algorithm:

  1. More productivity in development of blockchain protocols and applications.
  2. Increased ability to identify and neutralize scams early.
  3. More efficiency in determining the Intrinsic Value(IV) of various Blockchain eco-systems.